Installations: Ministry of Sound - London

Ministry of Sound - London

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Our apologies for the vintage pictures, you will notice that they have been taken many years ago.


Although well known throughout the clubbing underground, Most Technical first appeared on the clubbing radar with a critically acclaimed re-design and installation at the iconic Ministry of Sound where Dave Parry had designed the original lighting scheme.

We re-cabled the entire sound system and installed the first digital control in the world. We utilized the then ground breaking omnidrive and vari-curve along with a radio tablet PC to  give unprecedented control. Alongside this we completely re-designed the lighting rig and installed the first Golden scan  H.P.E's seen in the UK and also re-built the entire DJ booth.

With the first intallation of digital control and the first use of Clay Paky's H.P.E moving heads, Most Technical began its reputation for innovation and sonic excellence.

The club received rave reviews for its technical overhaul and went on to win many awards.