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After the huge success of his revolutionnary design & installation in matter, the superclub located ub O2 Arena -London-, the legendary Dave Parry set up a sister company, Most Technical India, in New Delhi with Arjun Bahl, successful entrepreneur & promoter. After winning multiple awards with his designs in different clubs throughout India, Dave formed a new company in China with David Chow his lighting and sound partner: Most Technical China.

With a reputation for visionnary ideas and ground breaking innovations, Most Technical will be providing a unique design.


Dave Parry

Dave was described by Night magazine as "the most influential designer of the decade" and by the Sunday Times as a "mad scientist".

Best known for his design of "fabric's" awesome sound and light systems, he has also been responsible for designing award winning systems in venues such as "Ministry of Sound" (London), "Elevate" (New Delhi), fabrics sister superclub "matter", Playground (Liverpool), Boujis (London & Hong Kong), Shroom (New Delhi) etc...

Dave Parry is known across the world for his use of technology, he was the first to bring digital processing into clubland as well as surround sound technology and line array systems.
He works on the premise of supplying quality components, innovative design and superior programming to provide the best possible sound and light systems.

BBC Tomorrows World :    "World's leading sound  system's designer'.

Night Magazine :               'Industry legend, technological wizard, always looking forward to the next stage'.

Mondo dr Magazine :         'A forerunner in terms of technology, the magnitude of what has been done with Dave Parry's                                                          expertise is nothing short of phenomenal'.